The Internet of Things

The Internet-of-Things revolution provides opportunities for traditional industries to transform their business by deploying agents of data collection at every touch point. However, for benefits to accrue, key challenges will need to be addressed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. One of these challenges is the lack of a standardized reference architecture for IoT.

Recommender Systems & Approaches

Recommender systems are more ubiquitous in today's world than is apparent, and in industries ranging from e-commerce to telecom and banking, there are a wide range of use cases. In this post, we explore the different approaches to recommender systems, and how their implementation varies based on context. In addition to a discussion on technical aspects and algorithms, we also discuss the impact on behavior and the balancing and reinforcing loops that recommender systems can impact in consumers.

Digital Banking Systems and Framework

Digitization is a powerful force disrupting many markets and industries, most recently the banking industry. While strong motivations for going digital are already well-known in the consumer world, other business units within the banking domain stand to benefit immensely too. In this post, we discuss a structured framework for making the best of the digital strategy.

Welcome to the data team

At The Data Team, we lead engagements with our strategy and advisory services and then follow that up with focused implementation.

Experienced consultants

Lead the engagement to identify strategies and lay the road map for value creation.

Solution architects

Design the end-to-end data pipelines and oversee the technology enablers that form the backbone of the devised strategy.

Implementation specialists

Apply agile practices in helping realize the engineered solutions deploying our solution accelerators where relevant.

Throughout the engagement, we help develop human capital already available in the client’s organization by actively training and mentoring, eventually enabling our client to completely own and be in charge of their data destiny.

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Data as a Strategy

Do you have a big data strategy?
No? We can work with you to build one.
Yes? We can help you refine it and guide you in its successful execution.

Enterprise Big Data Architecture

Data is an integral part of the enterprise. It doesn’t matter what form it takes or how much of it comes in. There is a slew of enterprise requirements for all data including big data, and IT has to get it absolutely right. We can help IT figure out what is really needed and how it can be achieved.

Data Science at Scale

Analyzing data that fits on a single machine is very different from data science at massive scale.
We know.
Trust us to do your prototyping, R&D, algorithm design and implementation.