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Behavioral Profiling in Banks with Cadence

We build practices, processes and experiences around our customers to deliver more value to them and to enhance their customer journey. But who are these customers? We might know the customers who generate the maximum profits and who are loyal towards our services but do we really “know” them, know them well enough to understand their behavior and reasons why they choose a particular service.

Effectively Sizing a NoSQL Database for Big Data Applications

The proliferation of unstructured data has made the collection and handling of large and varied data sets at scale a real challenge for organizations. Organizations often grapple with the challenge of setting up and sizing NoSQL databases when managing unstructured data from organizational processes, systems and from their customers. We look at HBase, which is a modern NoSQL database that provides real-time read and write access to large datasets.

Understanding Independent and Identically Distributed Data

Background Sensor data collected from various sources, be it from products or processes can exhibit a tendency to vary over time. This is because sensors often measure system states over time, as data are continuously collected from these products and processes. There is business value in understanding whether such data will be suitable for aggregate…