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Contextual Offerings for Telecom Customers

Providing Relevant offerings in Real-time to Millions of Customers The telecom industry has always been very competitive, whether it’s tariff wars, data deals or the latest handset innovations. Digital transformation has only intensified the challenges, as today’s connected consumers progressively expect brands to engage with them across channels with relevant and contextual messages. Research has…

Contextual Advertising for Consumer Banking

2017 is the year when Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest topic in finance. Machine Learning is redefining processes in financial institutions and challenges some of the decade-old business models. Wealth management companies are using deep learning solutions for long-term value investments and advisors are being replaced by chatbots, successfully covering up to 95% of…

Sizing Apache Flume for Big Data Applications

Big data management applications for diverse businesses require the ability to collect, aggregate and move large amounts of data from many sources, to a centralised data store. The increasing volume, velocity and variety of data from log data, click streams and sensors should all be similarly handled in a data lake architecture and other data architectures. Apache Flume is a distributed, highly reliable, and highly available system for meeting these needs. In this post, we discuss the case of si