who we are

The Data Team, a data strategy company, accelerates Enterprise Transformation through premium consulting services and its innovative data products, powered by RoboticDataScience.

Data science sits at the core of any analytical exercise conducted on the Big Data or the Internet of Things (IoT) environment. Data science involves a wide array of technologies, businesses, and machine-learning algorithms. The purpose of data science is not only to do machine learning or statistical analysis, but also to derive insights out of the data that a user with no statistics knowledge can understand.

In a fast-paced environment of Big Data and IoT, where the type of data might vary over the course of time, it becomes difficult to maintain and re-create the models each and every time. This gap calls for an automated way to manage the data-science algorithms in these environments, ergo we introduce the RoboticDataScience.

RoboticDataScience (RDS)is a methodology pioneered by us to engineer intelligent, data-driven products for various business functions across industry verticals. The same has already been applied to create a portfolio of products targeting the CMO and CDO functions, building on our years of domain consulting experience. We also offer the data strategy framework to help Enterprises become data-driven and agile by operationalizing data science to derive value from big data.

RDS captures the experience, knowledge and finest practices of the world’s leading data scientists, delivering unmatched levels of automation and ease-of-use for machine learning initiatives. RDS enables individuals to create and deploy highly accurate machine learning models in no time.

With offices in Singapore and India, we have strategic partnerships with Microsoft, IBM, Hortonworks and MapR, and serve clients across Asia Pacific.