Robotic Data Scientist for Marketeers

Cadence is designed for enterprise to provide relevant and timely offerings to millions of their customers. It helps marketeers analyze and interpret customer data, and provide personalized recommendations based on each customer’s personality. Cadence is powered using machine learning & incorporates information from across apps and systems. Understand transactions, visualize customer journeys and gather insights to create seamless customer experiences.


Cadence is deployable across industries of Banking, Financial Institutions, Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, Ecommerce & Telecommunications to automatically solve some of the biggest challenges pertaining to their customers.
  • Holistic view of customers
  • Customer-centric ontology
  • Live, operational, actionable insights
  • Context-aware and dynamic
  • Ability to cater to 100% users
  • Integration with existing channels


  • One to one targeting and marketing
  • Effective cross-selling & up-selling
  • Personalized, relevant and timely advertisements
  • Personalized services across channels
  • Contextual results for better customer experience
  • Quick decisions for credit products
  • Preventing customer churn
  • Upto 25% increase in sales conversions
  • Increase addressable market space
  • Eliminates disparate data silos

Data Science made Easy

Always know where the customers are in their journey and drive desired behaviour live.

The Data Team

  • Data strategy consulting
  • Expert thought leadership and mentoring around data-driven business strategy, big data IT roadmap & adoption, and scalable data science
  • Strong pedigree in enterprise architecture, massive scale data science and software engineering
  • Strategic partners with leading technology companies including Hortonworks, MapR, Microsoft and IBM

Cadence Offerings

  • One-to-one targeting and marketing for cross selling and up-selling
  • Contextual and timely results in better customer experience
  • Providing personalized service customers across channels
  • Quick decisions for credit products
  • Preventing customer churn

Comprehensive Customer Profile

  • Enriched customer profile view
  • Capture information hierarchically
  • Accesses facts and inferred data
  • Decision making ontology

Optimize customer lifecycle and learn how an activity in one channel impacts performance in another. Request a demo today!

Real Stories

We help business understand all transactions, visualize customer journeys and get the insights they require to create seamless customer experiences.

Behavioral Profiling

Banks need to take a good look at their customers, examine what customers want at that particular time, and analyze their products and services to serve better value to the customers and create a differentiator from its competitors.

Share of Wallet

Digitization has both powered and disrupted the telecommunications market simultaneously. Traditional revenue metrics like customer lifetime value no longer cut it. Customer-centric metrics like share of wallet help assess service stickiness in this new world.

Measuring Subscriber Experience

In both emerging and developed markets, competition from fellow service providers is known to be heavy, driving down margins. Innovative offerings like Google Fi and e-SIMs provide new forms of competition that are exciting to the subscriber but potentially alarming for the telecommunications providers. These innovations threaten to take away the proverbial goose that lays…

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