Contextual Offerings for Telecom Customers

Providing Relevant offerings in Real-time to Millions of Customers

The telecom industry has always been very competitive, whether it’s tariff wars, data deals or the latest handset innovations. Digital transformation has only intensified the challenges, as today’s connected consumers progressively expect brands to engage with them across channels with relevant and contextual messages. Research has shown that 51% of customers say that they will become more loyal to telecom companies when they have good experiences.Journey Science, derived from connected data from different customer activities, has become critical for the telecom industry, providing the means to radically improve customer experience.


The Data Team has engineered Cadence, an internet-scale contextual advertising and service engine by using insights from customer journey analytics. Cadence delivers real-time, relevant and contextual content for 100% users and guarantees excellent customer experiences and retention. Cadence is built by exploiting in-house data science expertise with the best-of-breed big data technologies of Kafka, Spark and HBase. It can be deployed and integrated within the telecom provider’s technology ecosystem within a few weeks and has the capability to service its entire customer base.

In the telecom industry, it is difficult to manage mass amounts of data, Cadence performs this function and creates a smooth customer journey by suggesting relevant contextual offerings in a timely manner with the ability to cater to 100% users.

Advertising and customer service have both benefited immensely from behavioural targeting. Relevant Offerings are personalised according to each individual needs of the customers, and assists telecom businesses in making informed decisions. Relevant offerings are known to have higher engagement levels, resulting in better conversions and more satisfied customers. Businesses can measure user experience, analyze each touchpoints of customer journey, take proactive approach and revamp strategies to better cater to customer’s needs.

An offering is most likely to be received well when given at the very instant and location of need, not elsewhere or later. Timing of an offering plays a very important role for a conversion to take place, the contextual relevance of a particular offer is determined by the customer profile, location and the most recent service experience. Linked data enables businesses to make well-grounded decisions by looking at customer transactions as a whole and determining significant marketing strategies.


Cadence also has the ability to cater to 100% users, each customer perceives differently, and each of them deserves to be served in the best manner. Cadence makes this possible and allows telecom businesses to serve its entire customer base every day! Traditional methods of mass campaign like SMS, using sampling method, and focusing only on certain specific target customers leads to spam, forgoes revenue and risks customer churns. Journey Science as employed by Cadence supports enhanced data accessibility, increased analytics agility and helps in weaving together disparate pieces of data.

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