Data as a Strategy



Many organizations are new to the data journey. To them, their own enterprise data was never viewed as a strategic advantage. Data might not even have been collected. For those that do collect data, the coverage is sparse with silos defined by point applications that are not connected. To these organizations new to data, we offer a program to inculcate the perspective that data provides strategic advantage allowing a company to leapfrog ahead of its competition.

The program starts with an in-depth understanding of the enterprise and its target market, and includes all the key business units and their products. This stage of the process involves us gathering information from you, the enterprise.

In the second step of our engagement, we perform an assessment of your data maturity and chart out the path towards achieving maximal leverage from data. The sequence starts with us collaborating with your designers, architects and developers in designing hooks into your products and offerings so that data is collected at every step in the product lifecycle right from inception through sale to usage to eventual completion (or disposal or abandonment). We refer to this step as “data design.”

A follow-on exercise is the execution of the design by building the designed framework and carrying out tests of validity. This forms the “data instrumentation” step.



For organizations that already collect data but do not yet view it strategically, the first step is a Demonstration of value using our data science service offering (see Data Science at Scale).The emphasis here is on covering a wide breadth of topics with available data. For identified topics that are mutually agreed upon, we also offer an in-depth exercise that follows our datascience offering more completely.Irrespective of the level of experience the enterprise has with data, we draw up a customized roadmap that allows the enterprise to continually draw strategic value from their data asthe business grows from strength to strength, coping in a seamless manner with the scale-up of data volumes.

Our Industry View

Big Data and The Enterprise

Enterprise standards for data and IT are usually strict with appropriate levels of governance and oversight at every step from procurement to usage. Big data technologies are increasingly being asked to deliver value supporting critical applications and workflows. Therefore, the same governance requirements apply to Big Data as well.

Data as a Strategy

“Big Data" and "Data Science" are hyped terms while in reality organizations struggle to realize value. In fact, the ability to derive value from your data is influenced by the right choice of technologies and staffing with the right skill sets. However, a key strategic investment to make is having the right data culture in the organization.