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Big Data and The Enterprise

Enterprise standards for data and IT are usually strict with appropriate levels of governance and oversight at every step from procurement to usage. Big data technologies are increasingly being asked to deliver value supporting critical applications and workflows. Therefore, the same governance requirements apply to Big Data as well.

Building Fault-Tolerant Big Data Applications

The fundamental hurdle in a customer-centric organization is the question “What is the customer going to do next?” Big data platforms and advanced data science techniques can help organizations in addressing this problem of information asymmetry.

The 1-hop neighbours problem

The problem of computing number of friends connecting two individuals forms the heart of people recommendation engines. This problem is easy to express in small data contexts (e.g. using SQL) but are notoriously hard to solve with good performance on massive, real-world networks. We discuss why.

Calling out the big data scientist

“Data science” is a popular term and one in the ascendancy in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2014. It has multiple meanings based on whom you ask. One way to deal with subjective interpretations is to crowdsource the answer and pick the popular interpretations, provided there is enough data. Recently, a data scientist (who else?) at LinkedIn attempted to define the term “data scientist” using data from profiles of people that have the phrase “data scientist” across

Data as a Strategy

“Big Data" and "Data Science" are hyped terms while in reality organizations struggle to realize value. In fact, the ability to derive value from your data is influenced by the right choice of technologies and staffing with the right skill sets. However, a key strategic investment to make is having the right data culture in the organization.