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The Internet of Things

The rapid emergence of IoT, simply put, is an outcome of the convergence of technologies, devices, and services. From RFID-like identification technologies a decade ago, to networked sensors and actuators today, innovation has been quite fast paced and widespread, but mostly focused on the specific areas of application (or within the domains at best). This has resulted in the proliferation of numerous options at every seam and every interface, without a proliferation of solutions that address da

Digital Banking Systems and Framework

Digitization is a powerful force disrupting many markets and industries, most recently the banking industry. While strong motivations for going digital are already well-known in the consumer world, other business units within the banking domain stand to benefit immensely too. In this post, we discuss a structured framework for making the best of the digital strategy.

Building Fault-Tolerant Big Data Applications

The fundamental hurdle in a customer-centric organization is the question “What is the customer going to do next?” Big data platforms and advanced data science techniques can help organizations in addressing this problem of information asymmetry.