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The Evolution of the Chief Data Officer: For a Smarter Organization

Today organizations are building their businesses based on data science. But does this automatically mean that the existing structure knows how to make the best use of data? Not necessarily so, which is why a new portfolio of Chief Data Officers (CDO) are springing up to bridge the gap between CMOs, CIOs and CFOs.

Humanizing Big Data for Everyday Lives

Data science is a broad spectrum of activities that are embedded in reality and once your understand that you will always be excited to work with data. Technology helps you only to a certain extent, the real use of data comes when you treat it as an influencing tool taking into account the effect it might have on human situations.

Data Science Change Management

Change management approaches have been refined over the years in large organizations that often need to execute large scale organizational and process changes in the face of bold new business models and markets. In this post, we evaluate the data science process, how it informs change management initiatives and potential solutions for data driven organizations that are in need of change management frameworks.

Recommender Systems & Approaches

Recommender systems are more ubiquitous in today's world than is apparent, and in industries ranging from e-commerce to telecom and banking, there are a wide range of use cases. In this post, we explore the different approaches to recommender systems, and how their implementation varies based on context. In addition to a discussion on technical aspects and algorithms, we also discuss the impact on behavior and the balancing and reinforcing loops that recommender systems can impact in consumers.

Data and the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is often considered a proxy for the performance of important economies, and as such, faces diverse challenges on the technological, supply chain and operational fronts. In this post, we explore some of these challenges, and the relevance of big data technologies, data science to these problems. We discuss the overarching features and themes of the industry's problems, while discussing broad data analytics solutions and approaches that could have a positive impact.