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How Banks Benefit from Quantitatively Understanding Customer Behavior

With almost all the banks joining the digital bandwagon, touch points via omni channels such as ATMs, Internet, Mobile Banking and Business Correspondents have become the main delivery channels for providing banking services. Currently, besides the 16,400-odd brick-and-mortar branches, India’s largest bank, State bank of India, provides banking services through alternate touch-points, including about 57,000…

Contextual Advertising for Consumer Banking

2017 is the year when Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest topic in finance. Machine Learning is redefining processes in financial institutions and challenges some of the decade-old business models. Wealth management companies are using deep learning solutions for long-term value investments and advisors are being replaced by chatbots, successfully covering up to 95% of…

Digital Banking Systems and Framework

Digitization is a powerful force disrupting many markets and industries, most recently the banking industry. While strong motivations for going digital are already well-known in the consumer world, other business units within the banking domain stand to benefit immensely too. In this post, we discuss a structured framework for making the best of the digital strategy.